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WMImonitor Asset Inventory Management

Inventory tracking and monitoring hardware configuration is critical for security and control of a network. It also helps identify support related questions concerning performance and availability.

Inventory Audits and Asset Tracking

WMImonitor can help you track and monitor your computer assets.

  • Change Management and Control by maintaining a history of actual hardware components and software installed or removed.
  • Capacity management with Critical Event enquiry, and hardware capacity reporting.
  • Generate alerts when changes are made which may be to an email account or just viewed from your browser.
  • A customisable entry form sent to each PC for the user to complete, identifies the elements that no network management tool can tell you, such as the Asset Number, Customer, Department and the physical Location.
  • Data collected from the agent can be tailored for specific customers, departments or groups.
  • Non intrusive data collection that will not affect performance of the computer.

Hardware Inventory Management

WMImonitor collects a comprehensive range of asset data including Hardware, Software, Files, Event Log and Services. All data may be viewed from your web browser.

  • Manufacturer, model and serial number, host name and domain (or workgroup).
  • Processor: make, model and speed. Memory size.
  • Operating system and Version (Service Pack).
  • Network Adapters Details.
  • Drive details and usage.
  • Last Logon user.
  • Event Log details.
  • Windows Services.

Reporting Options

The report generator has a user friendly interface to carry out customized reports on inventory quickly and easily.

  • Capacity reporting to identity computer with limited resources such as disk space, memory and processor speeds.
  • Hardware summaries such as make, model, operating system etc with enquiry.
  • Graphical 3D charts
  • Event logs searches and reporting on failures, errors and warnings.


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