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WMImonitor Software Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking is critical for any business to ensure legal compliance and to help plan for upgrades and migrations. WMImonitor does this in a very simple and concise way.

Software Inventory Management

Software license purchases against actual installations may be tracked to ensure legal compliance. Automatic notification of new software implementations provides for a more secure environment and total control of legal licensing.

  • Operating System type, version, service pack and build number.
  • Software License audit and tracking.
  • Software installed.
  • Other executables files, manufacturer, locations etc.
  • Full reporting on Software installed via ad-hoc searches.

There are some unique features that allow you to fully match licence purchased to software installed so that duplicates on the same machine are ignored from the count for license compliance.

Reporting Options

The report generator has a user friendly interface to carry out customized reports quickly and easily.

  • Software license compliance.
  • Full reporting on Software installed via ad-hoc searches.
  • Graphical 3D charts
  • Event logs searches and reporting on failures, errors and warnings.


Contact to arrange a free trial either online or on your own network and gain greater control over your software licences today.